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Zuru Max
Zuru Max
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• Mini Sparkle Girlz cupcake doll

• Super sparkly fairy outfit with beautiful detail

• Long soft hair to style & play with

• 5 different points of movement to pose doll in different ways


-RAINBOCORNS ITZY GLITZY SURPRISE: These mini magical Rainbocorns love glitter, sparkles and color! With all new color changing accessories, including Pop and Swap Gem Hearts, hair clips, rings, bows and wings, mix and match with Itzy Glitzys!

-FIND THE RARE ITZY GLITZYS: There are 26 Itzy Glitzy’s to collect, including Glimmer the rare golden elephant and Tinks the silver owl! Who will you find?!

-COLOR CHANGING ACCESSORIES: Each Itzy Glitzy egg has NEW color changing accessories inside! These include Pop and Swap Gem Hearts, hair clips, rings, bows, and wings that you can mix and match with Itzy Glitzy’s!

-PACKAGE INCLUDES: 4 x collectible eggs, 2 x Itzy Glitzys, 1 x ring, 1 x hair clip, 2 Pop and Swap gem hearts, 2 x wings, 1 x Collector’s Guide

  • Small but Mighty: The X-Shot Excel Micro is the pocket rocket that packs a punch and fires darts up to 24m / 80 feet away.
  • Extra Dart Storage: The X-Shot Excel Micro has a 1 dart capacity and storage for an extra dart on top for quick reload.
  • Surprise Your Friends: The X-Shot Excel Micro is the perfect concealed weapon for any battle to surprise your friends!
  • 8 Darts: The X-Shot Excel Micro comes with 8 darts to keep you loaded all battle.
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