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Suavinex Welcome Baby Set - Boy
Price RM179.00 RM249.90
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Brand Suavinex
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Suavinex Welcome Baby Set is ideal as a gift.

Set includes :

  • 2x 150ml bottles with slow flow round silicone teat.Round and symmetrical, its small opening lets a limited flow of liquid through. Ideal for your newborn baby's first day of life and for feeding glucose and/or water.

  • 1x milk powder dispenser. It has independent compartments for carrying powdered milk and cereals and a practical nozzle to prevent spills.

  • 1x soother clip. It attaches gently to the baby's clothes to protecting it from falling or getting lost.

  • 1x fusion soother with physiological silicone teat. The shape and size of the shield minimise contact with the surface of the skin. With a flat ,symmetrical teat that exerts minimum presure on the roof of the mouth.

  • 2x 270ml baby bottles with 3 position round silicone teat.Round and symmetrical ,its 3 position variable flow means that you can adapt to the rate at which your baby sucks simply by turning the bottle. With the teat in the baby mouth ,place the mark indicating  the level of fluid outlet just below the baby's nose and turn the bottle to change the position while feeding: - Low: Especially for the first few days, for glucose and/or water feeds. - Medium:Ideal for milk, juices and very liquid baby food. - High:Suitable for baby food and for babies with a very healthy appetite.




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