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Ifam Easy Urinal - Grey
Price RM175.00
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Product Description

A urinal that stand on its own without mounting!

A simple & classy adult urinal look-alike that is suitable for little boy's height to stand and pee like Dad!

Suitable for boys from 2-5year old



Dimension & Height

  • Frame - 25 x 22 x 51cm

Easy urinal dimension

  • Urinal height - 22cm off the ground

Urinal position 22cm above ground

Material - PE / PP

Product Features

  • Standalone - No wall mount required

No wall mount required urinal

  • No sharp edges

Smooth finishing all round

  • Deep depth to prevent pee overflow

Deep container depth to prevent overflow

  • Detachable urinal for washing after usage

Easy clean and wash after every use

  • Easy handle for moving urinal around

Easy handle for ease of moving urinal around

  • Durable materials that does not break or crack easily

Safe for kids usage

  • Compact - suitable for small toilets too

Small & compact for small toilet space

  • Enhanced with extra stability with 1 simple step

Extra stability with weights

Components of an Easy Urinal

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