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Mam Perfect Soother Twin Pack 12m+ (Dragon)
RM57.75 RM77.00
Mam Perfect Soother Twin Pack 12m+ (Dragon)
Price RM57.75 RM77.00
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The MAM soother supports babies responsibly through every single day. It's always the perfect fit and it helps babies to relax.

Mam Perfect Soother Twin Pack 12m+ (Dragon)

To meet the highest standards, the soothers are developed in close collaboration with designers and orthodontists. MAM designers have designed soothers in different sizes, ensuring a maximum level of comfort for babies of all ages. Thanks to the smart design, the soother always sits in the mouth perfectly. MAM soothers are anatomically correct to allow healthy jaw and teeth development.

The special Silk Teat®: MAM’s patented Silk Teat® is silicone with a difference – no other silicone feels softer. And because it won't slip, the pacifier stays in the mouth with no effort at all.

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1xMam Perfect Soother Twin Pack 12m+ (Dragon)

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