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  • Put any items that can fit into the box. (Adults! You can use for your items such as make-up tools, eye glasses, and etc.)
  • Sterilize for 60 mins.
  • For complete sterilization, shuffle the items and leave another 60 mins.
  • You can use for clothes, face masks, batteries operated items such as phones remote controls and etc.

1 UVC-LED sterilization prevents from odors, ozone, noise, and heat
2 Safe sterilization without using any chemical substance
3 Sterilize 99.9% of target surface within 2 minutes (Sterilization certified by SGS)
4 Optimized sterilization capability through stable high-powered UVC-LED module
5 A convenient UX that operates automatically by just opening and closing the device
6 The front light shows whether the device is operating.
7 Takes 2 hours to fully charge (More than 100 times usage)
8 A fine and calming Nordic style color and design