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Je Porte Mon Bebe Sling Wrap - Light Grey/Turquoise
RM329.80 RM388.00
Je Porte Mon Bebe Sling Wrap - Light Grey/Turquoise
Price RM329.80 RM388.00
Product SKU JPMB6902
Brand Je Porte Mon Bebe
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Product Decription 

With the JPMBB wrap, do the knot once before installing baby inside the wrap. You can place baby in various positions without untying the knot: front, hip, back regarding baby's age and needs

A beautifully soft, simple to use option for carrying your newborn.

While woven wrap ring slings can take some learning to thread correctly and tightern securely, the soft stretchy JPMBB fabric is super easy to use.

The fabric is also very comfortable to wear and allows freer movement.

Your JPMBB sling is reversible so you can mix it up.

Sling can be used on either left or right shoulder, and suits caregivers up to 110kg aproxx

L'ensemble de la gamme Je Porte Mon Bébé Love Radius par JPMBB reconnue par la International Hip Dysplasia Institute

The whole range of Love Radius' babycarriers - the physiological babycarrier HoodieCarrierthe physiological babycarrier PhysioCarrierthe Original JPMBB Baby Wrapthe Little Wrap Without A Knot, and the BASIC JPMBB baby wrap- is recognized as hip-healthy products for Baby by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI).


Age range:

Designed for use from newborn.



  • Oeko-Tex 100 Certified. 

  • Lightweight baby carrier

  • For babies weighing 3.5-14kg


1. Front Carry: Little Wrap Without a Knot, Tummy-to-Tummy Position / Love Radius.

2. Side Carry: Little Wrap Without a Knot / Love Radius

3. resentation "Little Wrap Without A Knot" / Love Radius