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Richell Silicone Pacifier (0-3m) (3m+)
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Brand Richell
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  • (Bunny) (3m+)
  • (Ribbon) (3m+)
  • (Flower) (0-3m)
  • Nipple shaped close to baby's breasts
  • Easy to clean silicone without puddles in the nipples.
  • Comes with a convenient disinfecting case.
  • Nipple shape for oral function development
  • Developed in collaboration with dental university and dentists.
  • Comes with a suction like a mom's breast!
  • This pacifier has been researched to help prevent sleep and prevent slipping.
  • Nipple shape close to breasts
  • The round nipple allows you to suck it with the movement of the mouth just like your breasts.
  • Integrated pacifier
  • There is no joints, so it is easy to wash without accumulating dirt.
  • Includes finger spots
  • Put your finger on and use it as a communication tool with your baby.
  • Fits mouth
  • Softly fit areas that hit the face
  • Microwave disinfection case included
  • Use the case to disinfect the microwave.

Product Description

With Sucking such as the Mama tits.

  • close to the tits nipple shape
    Is a pacifier that aims to function development of muscular strength and sense of the oral cavity.
    · Integrated pacifier
    Hygienic because the whole washable! Difficult dirt because there is no joint, water does not accumulate in the nipple after cleaning.
    · Your mouth to fit
    It is the shape of the part corresponding to the face to fit soft.
  • with microwave disinfection case
    You can steam sterilization in a microwave oven. Can also be used as a storage case, you can keep clean.
    · Finger with spot
    Fit the finger, by smoke carried to the baby’s mouth, it can be used as a communication tool with the baby.



For newborns 0-3 months / from 3m+

Heat resistance temperature body 140 degrees

Heat-resistant temperature case 120 degrees

Disinfection method boiling 〇, the chemical 〇, microwave oven 〇 Dishwasher 〇


Body silicone rubber

Case polypropylene



◆ Warning - Please do not use this product for any purpose other than applications. · Children because behaves unexpected, please use at always a guardian's supervision.

• Before use, be sure to scratches and cracks, please make sure that there is no missing. If you are admitted, please discontinue use immediately.

◆ Note * Please do not place near the fire. - Please do not leave in direct sunlight. When exposed to long-term direct sunlight, it can cause deformation. - adverse effect on the row of teeth, such as by long-term pacifier use has been pointed out. It is recommended that you stop using it as a guide around 1 year old and a half. - Please keep out of the reach of children.


Storage Informations

· Please be washed immediately after use. It may mold and bacteria to breed.

• When boiling disinfection, please pay attention to, such as burns. · Excessive bleaching, please be avoided as they may damage early this product.

• When performing a chemical disinfection, use the baby for disinfectant, please follow the method of use of each disinfectant. · Upon microwave steam disinfection, when using the included cases Please follow the (steam sterilizing method according microwave).

• The nipple tip because there is a possibility that the water accumulates and mold grows, after cleaning and disinfection Shake well cut the water, please dried put upward the nipple.


What's in the box

1x Richell Silicone Pacifier

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