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Richell Mugood Straw Cup 200ml
Price RM31.20 RM39.00
Product SKU SKU-A-RC9822-UNIT-9449
Brand Richell
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7 months and up
Elliptical soft straw to fit tiny mouth
Unique air valve prevents leaks and spills
Easy to keep clean!
Baby-friendly shape is easy for small hands to hold
Angled handle is easy for baby to hold and drink
Simple structure with fewer parts for ease of cleaning and washing
Even if baby knocks the mug down or shakes it up and down with the lid open, the contents will not leak out easily

8 months and onwards
Size : 11.5 x 7 x 11H(cm)
Capacity : 200mL
Material/ Polypropylene, silicon rubber, Other
Cup can be sterilized with boiling water
Dishwasher and dryer safe

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