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Boboduck Single Baby Bottle Milk Warmer & Food Warmer Sterilizer
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Brand Boboduck
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Baby milk bottle warmer is an essential appliance for today

  • Baby's constitution is weak, drinking cold milk is very bad for baby's health
  • The best temperature for breast milk that is most suitable for baby to drink is 37℃


  • Breast milk heated to 37. Adjustable level 2, 3 & 4
  • Evenly heat milk bottle, avoid local heating or over cooling
  • 24 hours constant temperature, it can also meet the baby's needs for milk at night.

Features Multi-funtional 3 in 1

  • Warming, heating food & sterilizing.
  • Includes baby food warming cup with lid.

Bottle design

  • Compatible with 95% of the milk bottles.
  • Large opening with big capacity : diameter 78mm

Disinfect more thoroughly

  • 100℃ high temperature steam cycle disinfection


  • Stainless steel inner water tank.
  • Made with safe & premium PP material

Smart temperature control

  • The One Knob : free to set any temperature of your choice. One hand operation.

Boil - Dry protection

  • Automatically switches off the heating element when water runs out during operation


"Warm milk" function

  • Default temperature: 37 ℃, adjustable temperature range 37 - 42 ℃.


"Heat food" function

  • Default temperature: 70 ℃, adjustable temperature range: 56 - 85 ℃.


"Sterilize" function

  • Default temperature: 100℃




What's in the box

1x Boboduck Single Baby Bottle Milk Warmer & Food Warmer Sterilizer

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