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Attipas Shoe-Socks - Shooting Star (M)
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Brand Attipas
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Help your baby learn to walk with Attipas! These ergonomic shoe-socks are designed to support first steps in the most healthy way possible. Attipas shoes mimic barefoot walking, so your baby can still feel the ground and wiggle their toes while learning to walk. Save time and money with these affordable, durable and machine-washable shoes that slip on like a sock, in seconds! 




 - Attipas ‘shoe-socks’

They are commonly called, have been specially designed to help toddlers walk based on seven years of research and development. Attipas is a product from Korea.


-  Attipas means Happy Rob Walker the name Attipas is derived from the words ‘Atti’ (Korean for ‘Precious Friend’), and ‘Pas’ (French for ‘Walk’). In toddler speak, Attipas means Happy Walk!

The five key benefits of wearing Attipas shoes include:

1. Convenience: non-slip and machine-washable
2. Breathable: fine holes that release heat
3. Big Toe Box: allows free toe movement to improve cognitive and motor development Safety
4. Non-toxic: to prevent exposure to potentially harmful materials
5. Lightweight: light and flexible, just like socks!



Ergonomically Designed

Attipas functional toddler shoes have been ergonomically designed to support toddlers’ first steps, based on kinetic and physio-dynamic university research.


Machine Washable

Attipas functional toddler shoes are fully machine washable and fast drying. Convenient for the mother on the run!


International Patent

Attipas functional toddler shoes contain fine, breathable holes on the sole, and are internationally patented


- Great for a Gift!

Attipas functional toddler shoes make a great gift to suit every occasion, from baby showers to birthdays!


 Washing Instructions

Attipas shoes are fully machine washable to 30 degrees celcius. When washing and drying, please use a laundry net.
Note to maintain the quality of the fabric, hand wash and air-dry is preferred.


- Materials

External Textile (%)
Cotton: 80%
Spandex: 17%
Rubber Yarn: 2%
Polyurenthane Yarn: 1%
Outsole (%)
TPR: 100% (Tested Non-Toxic Products)

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